Monday, January 19, 2009

Man Chair

Poor Nathan resides in a home brimming with estrogen. With three daughters who enjoy talking as much (and as loudly) as I do, Macey the dog, and Hollywood the cat, he is completely outnumbered! So, we ladies decided that he deserves a place of his very own since we have taken over every other inch of our house, garage, shed, etc. In other words, we feel that he deserves a Man Chair. The Man Chair arrived last week and true to form Nathan has turned into his dad, my grandpa, and every other old man who has a recliner. He reclines, watches TV, falls asleep with his mouth open, wakes up abruptly, tries to pretend he didn't fall asleep, and repeats the cycle again!

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Natalie said...

AW... When we bought living room furniture, Joe demanded that he have his own recliner. He had to have a certain one & tried EVERY chair in the furniture store before he found what he wanted.
The funny part is even though Jolie knows it's "Daddy's chair" she will still take it from him & would rather sit there than anywhere else in the house.
Poor Dads..