Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bye Bye Bridgestone

We found out this week that the Bridgestone lay-offs are going to affect us. Nathan is being let go on May 1st. Although I am a little nervous about what God has in store for us, I am just so very thankful that this is coming now and not before when I was still in school and Nathan was our sole source of income. He will receive a small severance package and we will be able to keep our insurance for 6 months, so we are planning on him going to school full time this summer until he can apply for a local police department and I will just pick up extra shifts at the hospital. I am very blessed to have a job that I love in a career that is always in demand! Okay, enough about that, now I have some annoying mom bragginess to share. The first bit of wonderful news is that Sophia has slept through the night the last three nights! Hallelujah!!! We went for her 6 month check up and she weighed 15 lbs 5 oz. She is getting her 4th tooth and can sit up by herself. She still isn't crawing, but she is scooting all over the place. Emma can tell you her name when you ask her, but when you ask her how old she is, she says "two". I don't know where she learned that she is two, but she refuses to say that she is one. I am amazed at how much Isabelle is learning at school. She brings home readers every couple of nights that she has to read and return to school and the last one she read was at a third grade level!!! My cup runneth over... Sophia enjoying a biter biscuit, she still won't eat baby food though...

Nathan found Emma like this, she pushed her chair over to the barstool and climbed up to finish off Isabelle's spaghetti and milk. When he walked in the kitchen, she said " Hi Daddy" like she was supposed to be sitting up there!

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