Friday, November 21, 2008

Cupcakes and Sleeping Bags

Instead of having a big birthday party for Isabelle this year we decided to let her have a slumber party. We started out the night by giving Isabelle her present, an Eyeclops Bionic Eye which is a hand-held microscope that plugs into the TV so you can see the images larger. It was a hit. We had fun looking at salt, skin, flowers, clothes, and bugs. Then the kids got to work in the kitchen making pigs in a blanket for dinner and decorating cupcakes for dessert. Since Nathan had to work tonight, my lovely assistant Julie aided in the cupcake decoration and ice cream distribution while I put the babies to bed. After singing Happy Birthday and scarfing down two cupcakes and a bowl of ice cream apiece, the kiddos proceeded to run around upstairs singing along to Hannah Montana and dragging out every toy possible before crashing from their sugar high and hitting the bed. Overall it has been a very fun night and I am more than a little bit proud of myself for getting seven children to sleep by myself. Let's just hope they stay that way at least until Nathan gets home in the morning because they out number me 7:1!!!!

The Frost Daily News

In spite of my loving husband's protests that doing a family blog was ridiculously cheesy, I have decided to begin one. I live a wonderfully crazy, fulfilling, happy, but slightly exhausting life that I wouldn't change a minute of (well, maybe I'd trade a few minutes of Sophia screaming in the car) So this is a glimpse into our life: the slobbery baby kisses, drama filled outfit selection process, inordinate number of dirty diapers, and everything else with which we have been blessed...