Monday, March 9, 2009

Sophie SquarePants

Just wanted to share a picture of Sophie and her Sponge Bob teeth :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hurry Spring!!!

It has been awhile since I posted any updates because we are suffering from a severe case of cabin fever in the Frost house! This winter has seemed like it has lasted for years and nothing can top a wonderful 4 1/2 inches of snow in MARCH. We did have a fun 45 minutes playing outside in the snow and thanks to our wonderful new stroller (courtesy of operation craigslist which was a success!) Sophia was content sitting comfortably in the stroller watching Isabelle, Emma, and I build a snow man. No thanks to Macy, the dog, who promptly ran it over... We then headed to the garage/laundry room to strip out of our wet snow clothes and head in. Of course I had forgotten to unlock the door from the garage into the kitchen, so lucky me had to run back outside barefoot, in nothing but a t-shirt and go in the back door and around to let in my cold and by this time, screaming children! So now we are officially over the cold weather and ready for spring! Emma, aka Miss Bossy Pants of America, spends her days now trying to order Sophia around and trying to get Sophie to crawl after her by shaking a toy in front of her like she is a puppy. She also gives everyone she talks to updates of what Sophia is doing. Occasionally it is in a language we don't understand, but usually it is "Soapie go night night" or "Soapie no no". Sophia is crawling everywhere now and has started pulling up to stand in her bed. She tries to push up on the bottom of the stairs and looks like a baby elephant on her hands and feet. We also decided that her two front teeth look like Sponge Bob's teeth, so Isabelle has taken to calling her Sophie SquarePants. She still won't eat baby food, but the past few days I have gotten her to eat saltine crackers and banana puffs. I know these are just bursting with nutritional value, but at least it is something :) Isabelle has fallen in love with an early readers biography pack that I ordered for her from Scholastic Book Club. Her favorites are Helen Keller, Susan B. Anthony, and Harriet Tubman. We also checked out a biography on Amelia Earhart from the library that she loved.

Isabelle dressed up for her fairy tale ball at school.

Isabelle had to choose a topic to do a project on for her Proud to be an American Class. She chose nursing/sick people (?) and this is her project :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Valentine's Day

Nathan had to work Valentine's weekend so the girls and I packed up and headed to Nanna and Papaw's house. We had a fun time; Nanna and Papaw took the girls to Build-A-Bear to make their Valentine's presents. We had a family skate day on Sunday. And all weekend, Emma loved riding the horse with her cowgirl chaps on :)