Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Plague...

Last week was a rough week for the Frost family, we had a plague in our house! Really it was a terrible stomach bug that we all passed around, but thankfully everyone is better now and the house has been cleaned and disinfected. This week's news is that Isabelle is starting dance classes again on Friday after a brief hiatus and a go at gymnastics (which she was way to chicken to do!). Sophia is on the verge of crawling~ she has been scooting around and getting up on all fours for a week or so now, but you can just tell she is ready to take off. Emma is still her wild self. She was sad on Monday when Isabelle went back to school and kept calling up the stairs for her "Sissy". She loves "Soapie", but Isabelle is her #1.
My snuggly sweet girls
Emma Sprite

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