Monday, December 22, 2008

Gingerbread Girls

We had a load of exciting developments in the Frost household last week: Sophie grew a tooth, Isabelle got a haircut, and Emma learned to jam!
Doesn't get any better than this!!

Poor sweet Emmie gets pushed aside by the diva's...


The little white spot is her tiny new tooth

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas...

Here is some Frost Christmas fun courtesy of Julie and her boredom!

Also, lots of cute outtakes from the Christmas card shoot (it is much harder to get three little ladies to smile at the same time than I ever could have imagined!)

Snow Day!!!

Sweet Sissies

Doesn't she look like she's up to something?!?

Emma didn't like actually being in the snow...

Sophie loved it!
Our ghetto sled...
We have been using it for years!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

We have had a busy past few weeks. Between Nathan and I both working, Isabelle's kindergarten. and the little girls' Mother's day out, we are constantly on the go. Isabelle has been working hard on a project for her French enrichement cluster at school. She choose to do her two minute presentation on Vincent Van Gogh. She picked out her favorite paintings of his and we looked up some information about his life (we didn't include the cutting his ear off and insane asylum info because I am not sure that her teacher would appreciate that), but she did a great job and the poster turned out adorable and my smart little cookie was able to memorize all her "talking points" for the presentation. Emma has been her same sweet self. She is the most agreeable child and could charm anyone. She is especially funny these days because she answers "no" to everything you ask her. She rules the house. Sophia is going to be a diva like Isabelle. She knows what she wants and she wants it right then. But she has such sweet eyes and smile that you can't resist kissing her chubby cheeks. I keep telling her though that she has to chill out on the screaming when she is with her daddy or else he will never let us have a baby brother...

Nathan's dream come true...almost

Nathan is huge Alabama fan who spends every Saturday he is off during football season watching them play and reacting loudly to the game (he has gotten so loud on occasion that he has woken up the babies) Despite this lifelong love for his team, he has never been to a game. So, when my dad called with tickets to the SEC championship game, he was over the moon. He literally was jumping up and down... We had a great time, our seats were wonderful, and it was a really good game... until they lost. Nevertheless, it was a fun date!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Gobble, Gobble 'Till You Wobble, Wobble

Baby Wyatt and Sophie
They had fun even though Nana wouldn't get the tree they picked out

Family photo on the adventure walk

Emma painted herself instead of the ornament

The fort

I don't think Sophia is going to be cowgirl...

Isabelle helping to get the bonfire ready

This year we had Thanksgiving at Nana and Papaw's house in Georgia. We loaded up and headed down there on Wed, Isabelle's birthday, and when we arrived she had a surprise bonfire birthday party waiting for her. We had so much fun riding horses, building a fort, and roasting marshmellows that we didn't go in to start cooking until late that evening. Isabelle worked so hard laying out the homemade noodles to dry that she talked about it in her sleep! Thanksgiving Day we ate all day long and then we all went for an "adventure" walk around outside. The rest of the weekend with filled with more eating, choosing a Christmas tree to cut down, and ornament making. The girls had a fun time and Isabelle is already saying she wants to have her birthday at Nana's again next year!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Cupcakes and Sleeping Bags

Instead of having a big birthday party for Isabelle this year we decided to let her have a slumber party. We started out the night by giving Isabelle her present, an Eyeclops Bionic Eye which is a hand-held microscope that plugs into the TV so you can see the images larger. It was a hit. We had fun looking at salt, skin, flowers, clothes, and bugs. Then the kids got to work in the kitchen making pigs in a blanket for dinner and decorating cupcakes for dessert. Since Nathan had to work tonight, my lovely assistant Julie aided in the cupcake decoration and ice cream distribution while I put the babies to bed. After singing Happy Birthday and scarfing down two cupcakes and a bowl of ice cream apiece, the kiddos proceeded to run around upstairs singing along to Hannah Montana and dragging out every toy possible before crashing from their sugar high and hitting the bed. Overall it has been a very fun night and I am more than a little bit proud of myself for getting seven children to sleep by myself. Let's just hope they stay that way at least until Nathan gets home in the morning because they out number me 7:1!!!!

The Frost Daily News

In spite of my loving husband's protests that doing a family blog was ridiculously cheesy, I have decided to begin one. I live a wonderfully crazy, fulfilling, happy, but slightly exhausting life that I wouldn't change a minute of (well, maybe I'd trade a few minutes of Sophia screaming in the car) So this is a glimpse into our life: the slobbery baby kisses, drama filled outfit selection process, inordinate number of dirty diapers, and everything else with which we have been blessed...